Afghanistan: Reflections from the IOM on the successes and challenges of COVID-19 vaccination among migrants and mobile populations

Afghanistan: Vaccination in humanitarian and emergency settings, including migrants and internally displaced populations. Presented at Implementers Forum

With the expansion the vaccine cold chain network and infrastructure, the ability to monitor equipment performance, procure appropriate equipment, maintain this equipment is vital to ensure safety of vaccines and related investments. This can be...

Pleased to share the report and PowerPoint presentation on temperature monitoring study of Afghanistan done in 2019 and 2020 over two seasons of summer and winter.

An external evaluation of Data Quality, Operational Cost and Efficiency. Considering the shortages of health workers and workload in Afghanistan, the paper-based system is often burdensome, time-consuming and prone to errors. To address the...

Background: Afghanistan is one of the remaining wild-poliovirus (WPV) endemic countries. We conducted a seroprevalence survey of anti-poliovirus antibodies in Kandahar Province. Methods: Children in two age groups (6–11 months and...

The global effort to eradicate poliomyelitis has reduced the incidence of cases caused by wild poliovirus by more than 99% since its launch in 1988, from 350 000 annual cases in 125 endemic countries to 20 cases in two countries in 2017.1 More...

In 1988, the World Health Assembly resolved to eradicate poliomyelitis by the year 2000. Although substantial progress was achieved by 2000, global polio eradication proved elusive. In India, the goal was accomplished in 2011, and the entire...

BACKGROUND: The Basic Package of Health Services (BPHS) program has increased access to immunization services for children living in rural Afghanistan. However, multiple surveys have indicated persistent immunization coverage gaps. Hence, to...

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Forum Post

Online Workshop: Building Sustainable and Resilient National Immunization Supply Chains during COVID-19 and Beyond

July 24th 2020

You are invited! Online Workshop: Building Sustainable and Resilient National Immunization Supply Chains during COVID-19 and BeyondDate: August 13th, 202

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    What is the role and use of serosurveys in immunization to deal with hard situation like continued WPV circulation detected in through environmental surveillance in district Lahore Punjab, Pakistan?

    October 18th 2019

    Pakistan is among 2 last countries with Afghanistan that are struggling to eradicate polio from the country. Despite of repeated SIA's (more than 100 rounds) and having good LQAS results showing hi

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    External evaluation results of MyChild Solution based on Smart Paper Technology in Afghanistan. Assessing data quality, operational costs, efficiency gains and transfer of work processes to the existing health system.

    September 13th 2018

    Dear colleagues,  The results of external evaluations assessing MyChild Solution based on Smart Paper Technology in Afghanistan are now available. These evaluations assess

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    New Document: Explorations of inequality: Childhood Immunization

    July 19th 2018

    You will find in the TechNet-21 Resource Library the recently released WHO report "Explorations of Inequality: Childhood Immunization"  and its accompanying interactive data visuals:

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    Strong partnerships and flexible thinking- lessons from innovations to make data quality and use work in Afghanistan

    January 22nd 2018

    Dear colleagues,  Wanted to share the recent article we wrote about the big pivot we made in Afghanistan and the story of perseverance and flexibility in partnerships.  It’s gre

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    Observance of "WORLD POLIO DAY"

    October 26th 2017

    Dear all  We wish to share the activity held in our college (KVG Medical College & Hospiatal) on 24 October 2017 with the readers.  On 24th October 2017, Rotary - Sulli

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    Global polio vaccine switch confirmed for April 2016

    October 30th 2015

    The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on immunization (SAGE) convened by WHO on 20 October 2015 has confirmed that the globally coordinated withdrawal of the type 2 component in the oral poliovir

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    We need you! Supply Chain Manager Landscape Assessment - extended until June 19th! - in English and French

    June 15th 2015

    Thank you to all the countries who have responded so far to the supply chain manager survey (Benin, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Guinea, Tanzania, Tonga,

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    Communication framework for new vaccines and child survival

    February 19th 2012

    I agree with Mansoor, on many occasions vaccination alone cannot protect children well. Using India's experiences, improving water sanitation and its key messages in polio eradication, we all should u

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