Warehouse Management & Execution Expert - ARC & GAVI, Kinshasa, DRC


Africa Resource Centre (ARC) aims to achieve improved performance of the supply chain in Africa to increase the availability of medicines and health commodities at the last mile by building efficient, effective and resilient supply chain systems. ARC's approach is to be a connector, broker, trusted advisor, catalyst and 'pace setter' of supply chain transformation for Ministries of Health and their partners. ARC is an independent organization (defined as having no specific vested interests and being solution/ provider agnostic).

ARC's Theory of Change centres on brokering, matching and structuring demand from MoH and Donors with supply of expertise, tools and best practices. This will be achieved through partnerships with private sector organisations and academia to build the capacity of Ministries of Health.

ARC is a non-profit organization registered in South Africa, with regional offices in Nigeria and Senegal and a growing presence in East Africa. The Southern Africa regional office is also building a centralized "Solution Centre", which helps coordinate activities across regions and countries in Africa, and support global engagement with private sector and donor partners.

Africa Resource Centre & Global Alliance for Vaccines & Immunizations seek to hire a Warehouse management & Execution Expert for the Kinkole warehouse in Kinshasa.

Quick Facts

  • Looking for expert in warehouse set up and management with private sector experience
  • Duration: 12 months
  • Location: Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Start: Immediate
  • French required; essential to build capacity of local staff


  • Minimum 10 years of relevant experience in warehouse administration/management, inventory management and controls
  • Relevant experience in vaccine and/or health commodities warehouse management
  • Relevant experience in cold chain management and logistics, knowledge of vaccine management preferred
  • Ideally someone from the Private Sector with strong warehouse management background (including policies, practices/ routines, systems, organization & structure, people & role description development) ; must be someone who is practical and can bring real experience and best practice
  • Ideally someone who has an understanding of the health sector


Inconsistent vaccine and other inputs availability was identified as a major bottleneck to improved immunisation coverage in the DRC. The Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) Evaluation realized in 2014 identified storage capabilities and supply chain management as major issues affecting vaccine availability. To that end, Gavi has funded the construction of 3 major vaccine warehouses in Kinshasa, Lubumbashi and Kisangani to provide the country with sufficient storage and improve the supply chain. As of August 2018, construction of the Kinshasa warehouse (Kinkole) is complete while Kisangani and Lubumbashi sites have broken ground.

The Kinkole warehouse provides 4000 cubic meters of cold chain and 10000 cubic meters of dry storage space (raw values). This warehouse represents more than 20-fold increase in cold chain capacity at the national level and provides dry storage space that wasn't previously available. The available space exceeds current EPI needs, and the Ministry of Health considers using spare capacity to store essential medicines and other pharmaceutical products.

Gavi and the MoH realize that this important infrastructure has the potential to change health commodities availability and delivery in the country, with the right leadership, management and coordination. Therefore, technical assistance to ensure optimal operations in the Kinkole warehouse is essential to ensure that its potential is met.

Upon a request from MoH in DRC, Gavi, through the Africa Resource Centre (ARC), is seeking an international consultant with successful experience in warehouse management of vaccines or other medical commodities to provide technical assistance to MoH to help set up initial operations in the Kinkole hub and assist with the selection of an external provider (delegated management) to manage the Kinkole, Lubumbashi and Kisangani hubs. Delegated management is a contract by which the Ministry of Public Health of the Democratic Republic of Congo, acting as delegating authority, delegates, for a limited period, the management of a public service within the framework of storage and the distribution of pharmaceutical products, vaccines and other inputs in warehouses to a public or private legal person acting as delegate, with the right to receive remuneration and / or profits.

Roles and Responsibility

The overall objective is to strengthen physical and virtual operations in the Kinkole hub through the provision of targeted training and technical support. Roles and Responsibilities include:

  • Provide support, to the EPI Supply Chain head and team, during the transition from the current warehouse in the EPI offices to the new Kinkole warehouse
  • Support EPI with warehousing planning and operations in the new Hub (labelling, storage, …)
  • Ensure efficient utilization of space, quality and safety standards
  • Redesign and adjust stock management process for vaccines and consumables in the new warehouse
  • Optimize delivery process to the provincial and antenna warehouses to ensure adequate supply of vaccines and consumables
  • Support the MOH in the request for proposal process to identify in a timely manner the entity that will be in charge of operating and managing the Kinkole, Kisangani and Lubumbashi Hubs for all health products (specifications, organizational and business model definition with all parties, selection)
  • Ensure timely start of operations of the Hub and the total operation

The performance of these services includes, but is not limited to, provision of technical assistance in the following areas:

  • Receiving / shipping operations of products stored in the Hub
  • Storage of products in reserved areas;
  • Handling operations related to warehousing and distribution;
  • Customs transit operations;
  • Management system allowing the tracking and traceability of all stored products;
  • Quality assurance system to guarantee the quality of stored products;
  • Accounting and auditing system to establish the truth of prices and the control of operating costs;
  • Securing stored products;
  • Additional facilities needed for warehouse storage and distribution operations.

Skills, Attributes & Characteristics

  • Strong facilitation and coordination skills
  • French proficiency required
  • Excellent leadership and administrative skills, with applicable work experience in the supply chain
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and motivate staff while working behind the scenes
  • Experience working in developing counties
  • Not required to be Congolese, but must speak French
  • Must be strong in coaching, mentoring, building capacity (i.e. not do the job only, but strengthen the team of ~15 Supply Chain managers)
  • Expected that this role will run for approximately 1 year, with the first 4-6 months focused on establishing the warehouse, and the latter half around coaching and capacity building
  • Candidate should expect a challenging role in all aspects and exhibit characteristics such as patience, persistence, confidence, cultural awareness and understanding, willingness to learn, etc.
  • Must be resourceful and able to tap into a wide range of partners, especially private sector organizations, to incorporate leading practices from a range of experts

ARC is a start-up organization with substantial ambition and expectation to make significant impact to national systems in order to fundamentally change the way health is delivered on the continent. This is a unique and demanding opportunity to join an entrepreneurial, growing and purpose-driven team that share the mission of universal availability of medicines for all people in Africa.

Closing date: 31 March 2019 

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