Bolivia: Análisis de la respuesta de los países a la COVID-19, identificando las mejores prácticas y las brechas cruciales a tener en cuenta en los planes de respuesta futuros

This is the pdf slides from the Mini-cPIE Clinic #05: Inequities in vaccine uptake and gender considerations, which took place on Tuesday, 14 December 2021. This mini-cPIE clinic included presenters from Bolivia and WHO HQ.

En Bolivia se han realizado ENCOVAs los anos 1980 y 1990. En varias reuniones de evaluacion se ha recomendado levantar una nueva ENCOVA.

Vaccination coverage survey - Publication abstract: OBJECTIVE: To estimate the yellow fever (YF) vaccine coverage for the endemic and non-endemic areas of Bolivia and to determine whether selected districts had acceptable levels of coverage...

Over 3 weeks in 2006, 3826083 persons were vaccinated against rubella during a national immunization campaign in Bolivia. This campaign was the largest mass immunization campaign ever conducted in the country. Therefore, in addition to strategic and...

With the recent postlicensure identification of an increased risk of intussusception with rotavirus vaccine, the 14 Latin American countries currently using rotavirus vaccine must now weigh the health benefits versus risks to assess whether to...

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