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  3. Tuesday, 05 April 2016

Greetings TechNet Community,

I hope this message finds each of you well and successful in your work. I am the new OpenLMIS Community Manager working with the OpenLMIS Initiativeand Community to develop and share this functional and customizable eLMIS solution.

Many of you may be familiar with the open source eLMIS system, OpenLMIS.Currently utilized in five geographies throughout Africa, OpenLMIS is acost-effective and widely customizable eLMIS solution built to address the data visibility challenges of low-resource environments. A non-proprietary solution, the product empowers countries to own, customize, extend, and manage their eLMIS, providing shared investment, shared learning, and reduced up-front development costs. Please visit the OpenLMIS Wikior website for more information.

OpenLMIS is currently deployed in Beninthrough AMP, where it supports an informed push system for immunization commodities. One of our colleagues has written an excellent pieceon how OpenLMIS has improved data collection and visibility in Benin –an article I believe would be of great interest to the public health professionals of TechNet.

The article may be accessed here:

Best of luck in your work, and please reach out with any feedback, questions, or discussion.

Warm regards,



Tenly Elizabeth Snow

OpenLMIS Community Manager

[email protected]

CELL: 1.406.544.4856 FAX: 1.206.860.6972

SKYPE: tenly.snow.vr Wiki

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