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Dear colleagues,

Warm greetings from me and KVG team.

On 15th Aug 012, I mailed “Dewalbari – one pager” highlighting the unprecedented lesson learnt by me – taught by Bina, Pumpum, 4 AWS and 4 ASHAs of Dewalbari HSC of Jamtara. On 4th Saturday – 28th July 2014, ANM Mrs Bina screamed and jubilantly declared that her HSC became “IRI free”. Bina et al proved that the strategy of 4 weeks in 4 successive months can rapidly clear the backlog, attain very high coverage (>90%) of both FIC and the booster. Later, I learnt from CMO, Dr Ashok that they were the trainers and the entire district attained and sustained high coverage inspite of universal vacancies there by escaped from MI list. Bina et al + the other 3 “A”ces of other 4 HSCs [Chandradipa, Madhupur, Kalhor & Rakti] helped in publishing the article – ‘IRI Simulation Study’.

On seeing Dewalbari model, ANMs – Mrs Rekha & Mrs Shobitha of Sampaje PHC – the Rural Training Center (RHTC) of our College, demanded for replication giving birth to series of models: Peraje template, Immunogram study of Sampaje, Upparhalli template, Nellimaradhalli template, Gummankolli template, Operation SIgMA, IRI compatible micro-planning books by 57 planning units of ‘difficult district’ – Chikkaballapura in just 6 months,  Guthigar PHC model in 15 days, Kollamogru PHC model in 5 days, Mission Indradhanush Simulation Study [MISS Sampaje], ANISOTIC Baby, EuVac Baby.

With these, we declared the task list of what KVG team can do with time span through the approach of learning by doing and working together. This methodology taught me how to learn and facilitate the grass-root level service providers in developing the simplest, surest, user friendly, replicable tool and working together, not only for ourselves but for the whole district/state/nation – the mankind of the world, for the latter half, honorable PM of India got standing ovation for the 7th time when he addressed 153 countries.

All the above were already shared with the stakeholders at all levels.

And now: We [me & two Asst Professors] happened to visit recently allotted PHC to our Medical College. Out of “RI” passion, requested for the Master register, analysed the data and found scope for facilitating 3 ‘A’ces. With mutual proactive active participation – both KVG team and the Government staff, we will surely learn a few more lessons which will simply help us to improve the coverage. This is one more lesson learnt from Dr Vijay Kiran Mente:


Shortly we wish to share the lessons learnt by our team with all the stakeholders as we have been doing.

With regards

Holla n Team

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Dear viewers

In continuation of the previous post on RI master register, data analysis for universal action, we now completed the 2nd phase of data compilation, analysis and derived the coverage indicators. These indicators are purely based on data available from the master register between April 2016 and July 2018 of 28 months. This observation motivated us to facilitate the service providers proactively with mutual learning experiences with an expected outcome of very high vaccination coverage, sustenance forever by promoting regular session to mission mode with jubilance as it is fatigueless.  

We wish to share the final outcome of our mutual participatory intervention in due course for needful and expert reviews.

Best wishes

Holla n team

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