Monday, 25 April 2016
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From 17 April to 1 May, the globally synchronised switch from trivalent oral polio vaccine (tOPV) to bivalent oral polio vaccine (bOPV) is taking place in 155 countries and territories. This will be followed by an intensive monitoring and validation phase through to 18 May.

To follow progress as countries stop use of tOPV and complete their national validation reporting requirements, a live web site has been launched to share real time updates and related stories. The site features interactive maps updated daily, tracking the status per country, and is linked to the polio endgame objective 2 website with more details on the overall Polio Eradication Strategic Plan.

At the time of writing, implementation of the switch and subsequent monitoring activities were progressing smoothly in countries that had already stopped use of tOPV.

Removal of the type 2 component from OPV marks a major historic milestone; it is testimony to the progress being made towards a polio-free world and to the commitment of all countries that this dream may one day become reality.

OPV Switch Infographic v1

7 years ago

Thanks for the post. For all RI players and PEs, today is a great day. To mark this bOPV Switch day, dedicated VACCINATION CLINIC is opened in our KVG Medical College and Hospital between pediatric and Gynaecology departments for administering all the vaccines of National Immunization free of cost as per WHO/GOI guidelines. Today we switch started bivalent OPV by administering bOPV in collaboration with Government who provided us the vaccine. We hope for the day of Global eradiction of Polio.

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