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Book Release: Health and Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chains - A Career for Women

By Pamela Steele and Katie Agius

When disasters strike – earthquakes, floods, outbreaks of disease, and war – televisions show images of relief workers delivering emergency food and water supplies, aid agencies establishing shelters, and doctors delivering medicines to patients in need. But how do these supplies get to the people who need them?

Health and humanitarian logisticians are the unsung heroines and heroes who take on the formidable task of supplying the resources needed in a humanitarian response. Traditionally, health and humanitarian supply chains have been seen as a male domain but, as this book shows, this is a field in which women have long played a key role. Through the personal stories of female and male health and humanitarian logisticians this book provides an excellent introduction to a career in health and humanitarian supply chains, with a particular focus on women.

This book presents in-depth research into gender in health supply chains, with contributions from practising logisticians."Health and Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chains A Career for Women"provides readers with a wealth of insights into making a career in this important and fascinating field. 50% of the proceeds from sales of this book will go towards supporting the professional development of female logisticians.

For more information and to purchase your copy today, visit Amazon.


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This sounds like my kind of book! Thanks for writing and sharing, Pamela!


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