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  3. Monday, 28 March 2022

Stories of Resourcefulness, Adaptability & Resilience

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In an ongoing effort to shine a light on voices of innovation and adaptability in the immunization sector, Boost supports a storytelling initiative called Bright Spots, which highlight stories of grassroots-driven process improvement in routine immunization service delivery. Learn more about this initiative.

This third round of Bright Spots includes six new stories focused on key lessons learned from implementing immunization programs during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as returning to routine immunization. Given the current infodemic, we also wanted to emphasize stories that addressed misinformation and strengthened vaccine acceptance and demand in communities leading to vaccine uptake.

We hope that these Bright Spots shine a light on the work that is happening on the ground and inspire immunization professionals everywhere to learn, adapt and take action to drive behavior change and build back better.

The first set of stories from this round are now live on our Bright Spots website. More stories will be released in the coming weeks!


Restoring Confidence in Immunization During COVID-19

Learn how immunization services across Bangladesh are being fully restored as the nation continues to embrace data-driven monitoring and IPC training and dive into the crucial lessons learned that reinforced trust among caregivers and continued to be carry forward to sustain demand for vaccination.

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The Twenty-Year Road to Ending Cervical Cancer in China

Join Professor You-lin Qiao and his team on their journey to launch an HPV vaccine campaign targeting adolescent girls in Ordos City, China and learn how the pilot inspired further intervention across the nation - a truly inspiring story of a return to routine immunization during a global pandemic.

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Leveraging the Power of Storytelling to Increase Vaccine Demand

Meet members of the Community Theatre for Immunisation (CT4I), a project in the Delta Region of Nigeria that focuses on driving demand for vaccination in communities. Their most effective tool? Community performances to share health information and create community immunization champions.

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In the coming weeks, Boost members are invited to engage with story submitters through live engagements that will highlight promising practices from selected Bright Spots stories. These sessions will provide you with an opportunity to interact with and learn from your peers.

Be sure to bookmark our Boost Events Calendar for the latest event announcements!

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