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POST 01403E: MEASLES VACCINATION SCHEDULE 17 MARCH 2009 ****************************************** Riadh Karem ([[email protected]][email protected][/email]), a public health doctor from Iraq, has a question regarding the measles vaccination schedule: He says that at present there is a measles outbreak in Iraq, and that some cases include lactating mothers whose infants have been infected. He would like to know at what age an infant who has not been infected by measles and is unprotected should be vaccinated. Further, is there any difference in vaccine dose based on the infant’s age? Also, can the infant be vaccinated in first month of infancy? Rudi Eggers ([[email protected]][email protected][/email]) from WHO responds: The minimum age for measles vaccination is 6 months. However any child given a measles vaccine dose prior to 9 months of age should have the regular 9-month measles dose given in addition. In all cases, a measles vaccine dose consists of 0.5 ml of measles vaccine. Post generated using Mail2Forum (

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