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The Health System Map and Its Actors: Introducing you to the key actors who make up the Kenyan Immunization Program

July 2, 2020, 9:30 a.m. EDT / 1:30 p.m. GMT


Join JSI and Sonder Design Collective for a second in a series of mini 30-minute webinars sharing their initial findings from The Vaccine Data Discovery Research in Kenya. This Human-Centered Design study is a joint effort between the two organizations and the Ministry of Health in Kenya, aimed at understanding the challenges around collecting and using data for decision-making in delivering immunization services. 

In this webinar, the team will take you through their learnings about immunization actors in the Kenyan health system. Through their system map and focusing on key actors, they will cover what decisions are made, what information they use to make these decisions and the key challenges they face along the way. For more information about the work, you can download the initial Kenya findings report.


  • Isaac Mugoya, Senior Technical Officer, Kenya - Immunization Center, JSI. Isaac has been working in immunization for more than three decades, supporting the Kenyan Ministry of Health in monitoring immunization programs, introducing new vaccines, and applying best practices. 
  • Emilia Klimiuk, Project Lead, Sonder Design Collective. Based in Lagos, Nigeria, Emilia is a designer and researcher specializing in applying Human-Centered Design methods to the health, microfinance, and agriculture sectors in low resource settings. 
  • Sarah Hassanen, Kenya Lead, Sonder Design Collective. Based in Nairobi, Kenya, Sarah practices Human-Centred Design with a focus on health across multiple continents including Africa, Europe and the Middle East
  • Wendy Prosser, Senior Technical Officer - Supply Chain, Immunization Center, JSI. Wendy provides technical assistance and strategic guidance on the immunization supply chain across JSI’s country teams to improve the design and management of the supply chain, create processes for data use for decision making, and apply global best practices to the country context.
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Thanks to those who were able to join today's webinar on the Kenya Health System and its Key Actors. The slides from the presentation can be found here. The video will be available shortly.

There were a couple of remaining questions on the Q&A that we didn't get to. Some responses to those questions are below. 

Does the tool manage vaccine LMIS and cold chain availability and functionality?

Kenya uses CHANJO as the LMIS for vaccine stock management at county and sub-county level. At the facility level, paper forms are used, which are sent to the sub-county level for input into CHANJO. CHANJO provides insight into vaccine stock levels as well as some insight into cold chain equipment. 

These are known issues -- what are the solutions? 

While this was largely a research study, we did start to form some high level recommendations, which you can find in this version of our Kenya report. We hope that this information is used by global and country level stakeholders to identify areas for intervention and possible solutions going forward and would love to discuss any solution ideas you may have. 

Please keep the discussion going if there are further insights and questions and comments.

The next webinar in this series is July 16.

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Hi everybody, the presentation and video recording of "The Health System Map and Its Actors: Introducing you to the key actors who make up the Kenyan Immunization Program" webinar are now available: 



Don't hesitate to share widely! 

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