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  3. Sunday, 25 June 2017

Dear viewers

Sharing the following with the viewers who are the true Polio Eradicators / planners / managers / authorized implementers & policy makers of the programme

Good intentions alone are not enough for the successful outcome. Intention of healing is always good but it can produce stricture with consequent obstruction and dilatation of proximal part leading to long term complications.

Since April 2016, GOI introduced two doses of Inactivated Polio Vaccine as an endgame strategy of Global polio eradication. Routine Immunization is one of the biggest national programmes in operation. Service providers are trained and reoriented on a regular basis in the public sector. In good performing planning units, coverage of any new vaccine will be at par with that of all other antigens. But due to causes and constraints beyond the scope of author to understand, supply of IPV was regularly irregular and inadequate created very low coverage. For the effective impact on the community, ≥85% sustained vaccination coverage is required. What will be the epidemiological impact with coverage as low as 65% of the first dose and 30% of the 2nd dose, with >70% population immunity gap on Polio Eradication is a real concern. This is the true story of one very good performing Planning units; what will be the cumulative effect of ~28,000 Planning Units of India – 2nd most populous country??

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Good observation, actually strict norms on Vaccine wasting are disuading the health workers in the field to open JPV vials or the wastage would be cut from their salary.

Need correction as this is evident from high coverage of other vaccines.



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