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  3. Thursday, 15 December 2022

what is the order of vaccines inside Haier HBC-240 ? is the first shelve consider the coldest one or there is no specific order please if any one has a document about it, please share it Also , for HBC-260 can a save vaccines at the bottom because there are no baskests at the bottom

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Hi Nada, this is a very good question. I took a quick look in 'Immunization in Practice - A practical guide for health staff'.

There is one relevant section:

Module 2: The vaccine cold chain > Arranging vaccines inside cold chain equipment (2) 27

This graphic might be of use:


I am sure there are others who can advise further on this subject.


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Dear Nada and Dan

I wish you a happy new year with your families with a lot of blessings.

The PQS is given if each ILR have been probed with 15 thermocouples inside of each refrigerator, placed in differents points, I mean: above, middle, low, and in front, back and middle. I annex a result of one WHO / EPI Test at 32°C / in one ILR:

As you can see, all of them were between +2°C and +8°C, and then, you can organize your vaccine like you desire, because there are not risk to freezing or warming. This Test was done for 43°C too, and the result was the same, all of the Thermocouples were between +2°C and +8°C.

In the other topic, when I read the guide: "Inmunization in Practice", 5.1 General rules for using vaccine refrigerators, page 117, says: "If vaccines or diluents are supplied as individual containers (vials, ampoules or tubes), use a plastic tray, plastic box or other arrangement to store the vaccines in an orderly fashion. Figure 2.18 shows a good arrangement using local-made stacking boxes." and present this image:

I have this point of view about the last image:

We can see at least 5 rows with 14 vials plus 2 of the same vaccine, this is 72 vials. If you review the presentation of the secondary package of vaccines for differents labs, only one has more than 50 vials per box. Bilthoven with IPV, not everyone else. Further take into account the time wasted to organized these vials with the hand at 32°C and I guess with the lid opened. And, when is required the inspection to verify the physical inventory with the system inventory, take another time to verify the amounts. I think is better store in the secondary package, this box has all the information needed for every activity (picking, vaccination or reckon)

Finally, I think that Haier must change the idea to put a grill in the low of the refrigerator, instead Haier should put baskets to improve the organization of vaccines in the lower part of the refrigerator HBC 260.

Best regards.

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Dear Rafael

New Years' Greetings from Vestfrost!

Your observations are interesting for us as manufacturers of CCE because they provide us with knowledge that will help improve our appliances even further in the future.

For your information, all Vestfrost´s VLS ILR´s as standard are supplied with bottom gratings in order to elevate the vaccine boxes from a potential wet vaccine compartment bottom.

They also standard come with bottom baskets for a safer organization of the vaccines, as you also point out.




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