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  3. Saturday, 18 June 2022

Hello Team,
I am planning to conduct assessment on the temperature management (E2) as one of the EVM criteria in Tanzania. I would like to obtain access to standard questions that I can use to at least have findings that have gone through the EVM standard questions.
I wrote an email to [email protected] for access but no response ahs come around.
Could any one provide support to access the questions or assist in accessing the EVM Questionnaire as I already have the EVM Assessor App.
Thanks in advance to any support will get in this case.

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Dear Green, great to hear you want to use EVM to assess temperature management E2 in Tanzania. I invited you to create an EVM account last week and you should have received an email about it. If you haven't received the emil, please check in your Spam or Junk mail folders - it's probably in there. You need to click the link the email and then visit the EVM website and sign in to complete the registration. In any case, I just resent you the email invitiation.

As ever, all EVM guidance material, including the manager and assessor user guides, can be found on the EVM topic page here:



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