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  3. Friday, 10 December 2010
The TechNet21 meeting was held in Kuala Lumpur from 30 November 2010 to 2 December 2010. The following presentations were made during the three days. Day 1: Tuesday, 30 November 2010 PLENARY SESSION 1: INTRODUCTION AND CONTEXT Chair: MD. Shafiqul Hossain, WHO 1. Welcome & Introduction: Rudi Eggers, WHO 2. Keynote address: The future of vaccine management and logistics: Are we prepared? Michel Zaffran, WHO 3. Updates from 2008 TechNet, expectations from 2010 TechNet; Policy updates from IPAC and SAGE: Rudi Eggers, WHO 4. Regional update from the host region: Md. Shafiqul Hossain, WHO/WPRO PLENARY SESSION 2: EQUIPE / VACCINES CHARACTERISTICS AND DELIVERY SYSTEMS Chair: Michel Zaffran, WHO 5. What will future vaccines look like? Jules Millogo, IFPMA 6. Thermostability of vaccines and the "Controlled Temperature Chain" (CTC): Debra Kristensen, PATH 7. How do we get the vaccine presentations that we need? Rudi Eggers, WHO 8. Marketplace teasers (3 min. per manufacturer): Cold chain equipment manufacturers & tools 9. Making MDVP work (Visual cue and VVM update): Jhilmil Bahl, WHO 10. VPPAG update: Oz Mansoor, UNICEF 11. Delivering the Hepatitis B birth dose in Uniject: experiences in PNG: Bill Lagani, Ministry of Health, Papua New Guinea 12. Putting Pentavalent vaccines into Uniject: Yves Leurquin, Crucell Parallel workshops: 13. Update on HWMWaste management (facilitator: Yves Chartier, WHO) 14. Temperature monitoring systems, including country experiences (Philippines), and use of SMS monitoring etc. (facilitators: Andrew Garnett, Consultant and Jan Grevendonk, PATH) 15. PQS and assuring the quality of locally purchased cold chain equipment (facilitator: Denis Maire, WHO) Day 2: Wednesday, 1 December 2010 PLENARY SESSION 3: EQUIPE / COLD CHAIN EQUIPMENT Chair: Michel Zaffran, WHO 16. Zero net-energy health centres: Steve McCarney, PATH 17. The "Cold Chain Equipment Manager" tool (CCEM): Richard Anderson, PATH 18. Marketplace of equipment manufacturers/partners: Air Container, Berlinger, CCEM, Intellectual Ventures, LogTag, SAVSU, SEEDR3LC, True Energy, Vestfrost. PLENARY SESSION 4: MANAGE/VACCINES & STOCKS Chair: Diana Chang-Blanc, UNICEF 19. Experiences with VSSM in ParaguayExperiences with VSSM in Paraguay: Nora Rodriguez, PAHO 20. Experiences with VSSM and DVDMT in Nigeria: MoH, Nigeria 21. Data visualization project to avoid stock-outs: Gregory Kiluva, UNICEF/Solo Kone WHO 22. Immunization registries: Correlating administrative coverage and vaccine supply information at district level: Jan Grevendonk, PATH PLENARY SESSION 5: MANAGE/SUPPLY CHAINS Chair: Diana Chang-Blanc, UNICEF 23. Experiences with outsourcing / private sector involvement: Wannapa Sagunpram & Tanapat Laowahutanon, Government of Thailand 24. EVM tool and field evaluations: Hailu Kenea, WHO Parallel workshops 25. Lessons from H1N1 deployment (facilitators: Claudia Vivas, WHO & MD. Shafiqul Hossain, WHO) 26. Research: Developing a better cold box: research methodology: experiences from CDC and Intellectual Ventures, (facilitators: Steve McCarney, PATH) 27. Technet e-forum: feedback on beta version of the new website (facilitator: Jhilmil Bahl, WHO, James Cheyne, Consultant & Ashley Kartchner, AVASA) Day 3: Thursday, 2 December 2010 PLENARY SESSION 6: SUSTAINABILITY Chair: François Gasse 28. Preparing national cold chains for the future: Solo Kone, WHO 29. Preparing national cold chains for new vaccines in Vietnam: Nguyen Tuyet Nga, PATH Vietnam 30. Issues related to human resource development for logistics/supply chain management in public health: Modibo Dicko, WHO 31. Implementing pre service training for Health Logistician: Developing the curriculum: Phillipe Jaillard, AMP, André Savadogo, Bioforce 32. Integration of logistics with malaria, TB, ARV and other supply chains: Modibo Dicko, WHO PLENARY SESSION 7: SUSTAIN/PARTNER COORDINATION Chair: François Gasse 33. New TechNet 21 e-forum and website James Cheyne, Consultant/Ashley Kartchner, AVASA 34. CCL Task Force: Oz Mansoor, UNICEF 35. GAVI Accelerated Vaccine Introduction: cold chain and logistics sub-group: Solo Kone, WHO PLENARY SESSION 8: WHAT'S NEXT Chair: Rudi Eggers, WHO 36. Constituents meetings: equipment manufacturers; regional and country logisticians; HQ and global partners 37. Constituents report back: having been to this meeting, in the coming two years: what will we do? what do we need from others? Facilitator: Rudi Eggers, WHO

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