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  3. Friday, 15 February 2013
The TechNet21 consultation was held in Dakar, Senegal from 5-7 February 2013. Around 200 delegates attended the conference, where presentations were made on a wide range of subjects. We bring you the entire lot of presentations. The PPTs can be downloaded by clicking on the hyperlinks. DAY 1: Section I: Introduction and Context 1.Objectives of consultation: Jhilmil Bahl 2.Immunization logistics in the WHO African region: Hailu Kenea Section II: Vaccine Characteristics and Delivery Systems 3.New vaccines' introduction: Readiness of and impact on vaccine supply and logistics systems: Souleymane Kone 4.Beyond the cold chain: Taking advantage of the true heat stability of vaccines: Simona Zipursky 5.Utilisation d’une Chaîne à Température Contrôlée (CTC) au cours de la campagne Contre méningite avec MenAfrivac: Bassabi A. & Claude L. 6.Minimizing freezing of vaccine: Indonesia: Lulu Dewi Section III: Equipment System Management 7.Solar stories: Avoiding the same mistakes: Dmitri Davydov 8.L' Experience D’Haiti Dans l' utilisation de systeme de refrigeration solaire: Jeannot Francois Break-out sessions 1. How to improve the ability of country stakeholders to influence future vaccine products: Debra Kristensen & Simona Zipursky 2. Market innovations to impact existing and new cold equipment: James Cheyne 3. Considerations for cold chain equipment selection: Solo Kone, Sophie Newland, Tina Lorensen & Dereje Haile 3a. Refrigerator Cost Comparison Tool DAY 2 Section III: Equipment System Management 9.Update on the WHO PQS prequalification of equipment and devices for immunization: Denis Maire Section IV: Information Management Systems 10.Management Information System for immunization: an overview: Yann Le Tallec 11.Succès et défis de l’utilisation de l’outil de gestion des données de vaccination DVDMT (Madagascar): Razanadraibe Seth 12.Information and Communication Technology (ICT) toolkit: Jan Grevendonk 13.Use of information technology and mobile communication tools for immunization programme management in Sri Lanka: Sudath Peiris 14.Web-based Vaccination Supplies Stock Management (wVSSM) in immunization program in Iran: M. Zahraei 15.Improving vaccine LMIS: Tunisian experience with wVSSM: Ouhichi Ramzi 16.Barcoding in pharmaceutical inventory management – Botswana experience: Muhammad Chohan 17.Using barcodes for managing vaccines stocks: Ahmet Ozlu 18.The Effective Vaccine Management Initiative: Past, present and future: Paul Colrain Section V: Human Resources for Supply Chain Management 19.Improving health outcomes by promoting sustainable workforce excellence in health supply chain management: Benoît Silve 20.Health logistics capacity building: LOGIVAC: Benjamin Schreiber DAY 3 Section VI: Future Directions 21.Integrating vaccine and health product supply chains: Prashant Yadav 22.Managing an integrated supply chain for vaccines with other pharmaceuticals,Sri Lankan experience: Sudath Peiris 23.Private sector role in vaccine supply chains: Emerging trends & implications: Patrick Lydon 24.The Gambia: Success with full service vehicle leasing: Dawda Ceesay 25.Outbreak response logistics: Jean-Christophe Aze 26.The TechNet21 continuum: Padmini Menon 27.Moving warehouse distribution system: Senegal: Thierno Gueye 28.HERMES vaccine supply chain modeling: Senegal and Benin: Bruce Y. Lee 29.Linking plans, actions and results for national EPI systems of today: Dmitri Davydov 30.Vision 2020: What will it take to achieve it?: Michel Zaffran 31.The hourglass & the waves: Modibo Dicko

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