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  3. Wednesday, 31 October 2012
Cross-posted from the CDC website with thanks. In September 2011, CDC initiated a pilot project to test the implementation, using industry barcoding standards, of 2D barcodes on vaccine products. A 2D vaccine barcoding manufacturer's forum was conducted in January 2012 to inform manufacturers and other stakeholders about the pilot project and to identify challenges and potential solutions. Over 60 industry stakeholders attended, including representatives from vaccine manufacturing companies, retail pharmacies, standards organizations, as well as the World Health Organization (WHO), The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CDC. A report summarizing the forum is now available. There are three major components of this pilot: pilot implementation of 2D barcoded vaccines, development of barcodes for vaccine information statements (VIS), and development of technical assistance documents for pilot participants and future implementers. Pilot Implementation of 2D Barcoded Vaccines – The project will ensure implementation of 2D barcoding in one or more manufacturing settings and a sample of provider offices, with special emphasis on the interfaces between barcoded vaccines, EMRs, and IIS. The project has enlisted two vaccine manufacturers, 10 CDC 317 Immunization grantees, and approximately 220 immunizers as pilot participants. The immunizers include private providers, publically-funded health services, and one pharmacy. The manufacturer placed 2D barcodes containing product identifier, lot number, and expiration date onto specific vaccines. These barcoded vaccines were distributed to the participating providers. The providers will administer these barcoded vaccines, and then use scanners to read the 2D barcodes. The scanned data items will be input into the immunizer’s electronic record systems for each patient, and transmitted to or captured by the states' IIS. The purpose of this implementation pilot is to assess the extent of using 2D barcoded vaccines and scanners on the completeness and accuracy of vaccine data. The vaccine information will be tracked from manufacturer to immunizers to EHR to IIS. A subset of the participating immunizers will be selected to participate in a work flow analysis (WFA) and time and motion study in order to assess the impact of 2D scanners and barcoded vaccine products at administration and inventory. This phase will include process maps, time measurements and staff interviews. These will be collected both before and after the introduction of 2D capabilities within the provider site.

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