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Dear TechNet Community,

On Tuesday 10th July 2018, the WHO Performance, Quality and Safety (PQS) Working Group conducted its first face-to-face technical consultation with manufacturers of PQS prequalified immunization products and devices from the E003 (Refrigerators and freezers) and E006 (Temperature Monitoring Devices) equipment categories - some of you may also have followed the event in real time via the TechNet-21 Twitter account.

Thirty industry representatives took part in the meeting, alongside ten non-industry members and partners of the WHO PQS Working Group, to discuss and agree on a path forward for some significant proposed changes to immunization cold chain equipment standards.

The PQS Manufacturer Consultation proved to be a highly successful first step towards greater collaboration with manufacturers on PQS standards-review and standards-setting processes. In particular it provided manufacturers with greater visibility on in-country realities and complexities and helped solicit industry insights and inputs on technical and product solutions to meet varying challenges in EPI program environments.

More insights on the themes covered during the meeting as well as key discussion points and meeting outcomes have been provided in the PQS Manufacturer Consultation Report. The report can be accessed in the TechNet Library by clicking on the following link: https://www.technet-21.org/en/library/main/4926

Enjoy the read!

On behalf of the PQS Team, 


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Dear Denise, 

Thanks for the information. Glad to know that discussions are taking place to improve cold chain equipment standards to address EPI programme challenges.

The good work done by the PQS team is highly appreciated. 

With best regards, 


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