Strengthening the immunization supply chain through EVM assessment: Comparing India’s two successive national assessments

Effective immunization supply chain (iSC) is crucial for safe and timely transport of potent vaccines to the beneficiary. India’s iSC, with a network of ~29,000 cold chain points (CCP), measures its quality standards using the World Health Organization– United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (WHO–UNICEF) global tool on effective vaccine management (EVM). The two national EVM assessments (EVMA) were conducted in 2013 and 2018. This study helps to see the impact of policies and practices through EVMA in maintaining an efficient iSC for effective implementation of immunization program. Materials and Methods: We conducted a desk analysis using EVMA reports to summarize and compare the findings of the two studies. Cut‑off of 80% was considered ideal for each category/criteria score. Results: Both EVMA 2013 and 2018 were conducted using Android‑based global EVM tool, though across a wider sample of CCP. Maximum and minimum changes in scores were sub‑national and lowest distribut

Journal of Family medicine and Primary Care
Journal of Family medicine and Primary Care
September 2022
Vol 11, Issue 9

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