Costing Analysis of Electronic Immunization Registry Implementation: Lessons Learned & Recommendations from Vietnam

The transition of an EIR system from paper-based to digital has financial implications that come with software design, development, and deployment. There are also recurrent costs of operating the system, as well as cost implications for human resources for government staff using these systems. Planning for successful EIR implementation needs to involve the inclusion of a costing evaluation to provide cost data that will help governments and public health organizations sustainably transition to a digital model. This case study utilizes project’s end-line data to 1) estimate the costs of developing and deploying the NIIS, and the recurrent costs of the NIIS at provincial, district and commune levels, and 2) compare the cost implications of eliminating the duplicative paper system by evaluating the costs of healthcare worker time use and operating costs with the NIIS versus the paper-based system.

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