Photo credit: WHO (1), WHO (2), UNICEF (3)  Health systems can only function with health workers.  Health workforce must be prioritized for universal health coverage to be achieved. The Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) describes capacity...

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New E-Course Update - National Logistics Working Group (NLWG)

Dear colleagues, The updated e-course on National Logistics Working Group is now live on UNICEF AGORA!. Access course here:

NEW PAGE ALERT!!! TechNet-21 Page on Human Resources and Leadership

NEW PAGE ALERT!!! TechNet-21 Page on Human Resources & Leadership Access page here -

Save the Date and Call for Abstracts | PtD Global Indaba: A forum on Human Resources for Health Supply Chain Management

Save the Date: 1-2 September 2021, Lusaka, Zambia

Online Workshop: Building Sustainable and Resilient National Immunization Supply Chains during COVID-19 and Beyond

You are invited! Online Workshop: Building Sustainable and Resilient National Immunization Supply Chains during COVID-19 and BeyondDate: August 13th, 202

Contingency Planning for Immunization Supply Chain

A business continuity plan (BCP) outlines how a programme or project will continue operating during an unplanned disruption in service. It contains contingencies for processes, assets, human resour

Invitation to Participate in Human Resources in Health Supply Chain Survey

Dear Technet Members, Sharing this request for input on behalf of colleagues at Pamela Steele and Associates (PSA) Health Supply Chains are the backbone of a country’s health syst

Seeking Secondment Organizer/Company Feedback!

Johnson and Johnson Global Public Health Supply Chain, in partnership with the People that Deliver (PtD), is collecting information to develop a strat

GHSC-PSM Publishes Supply Chain Management Professionalization Framework Whitepaper

Dear Colleagues, Competent, qualified supply chain management (SCM) professionals are increasingly in-demand in both the private and public sectors – how can we ensure all needs are met?

"GO AUTHENTIC: ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT LEARNING" is now available for free download

The underground classic that explains how authentic activities help learners explore, discuss, and meaningfully construct new knowledge, GO AUTHENTIC: ACTIVITIES THAT SUPPORT LEARNING is now availa

HR Country Support Package for Immunization SC Managers

The HR Country Support Package for Immunization SC Managers is available!The success of immunization systems in countries through the past decades can be attributed to

Communities of Learning: Its critical role of country chapters in driving supply chain capacity development and professionalisation

To be useful, competencies are not developed in a vacuum. The competencies framework links the competencies of the workforce to the objectives of an organization, both for planning and for monitoring. Organizations, such as an immunization program,...

The HERAMS App generates data and reports on health facilities (number, type, geographical location, functionality, accessibility) resources for service delivery (human resources, electricity, water supply, cold chain, communications, waste...

Information and planning tools for subnational and health facility level on vaccines and diseases, the vaccine cold chain, ensuring safe injections, microplanning for reaching every community, managing an immunization session, monitoring and...

This is the second session of the "Capacity Development & Professionalization" TechNet-21 webinar series.

This is the first presentation of the "Capacity Development & Professionalization" webinar series.

Well trained and motivated human resources for health (HRH) is a fundament for good quality immunization services. Many countries struggle with HRH challenges including low pay, lack of incentives for staff to work in remote and insecure areas, weak...

UNICEF webinar on Human Resources and Advocacy for technical assistance.

Strong supply chains are essential for positive health outcomes. Effective supply chains require a competent, recognized and supported supply chain workforce with significant technical and managerial capacity. This demands that governments and...

Immunization staffs have a central role with EIRs as they are the ones who input data into the system that the systems need to function, as well as utilize the data in the system to perform their daily work. Thus, whether or not these frontline...

The Human Resources for Supply Chain Management Theory of Change framework provides guidance on how to improve human resources for immunization supply chain and cold chain management across four pathways: staffing, skills, working conditions and...

This guidance forms part of the country support packages and responds to a need in the market for effective organizational design that will enhance supply chain efficiency and effectiveness in the public health system. This guidance provides...

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