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  1. Umit Kartoglu
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  3. Wednesday, March 15 2017, 11:47 AM

Dear Colleagues,

The award winning Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management on Wheels course will be held in Greece (Athens to Thessaloniki), 12-17 June 2017. The course is an experiential application of Good Distribution Practices for pharmaceuticals and vaccines.

This year's course will be mentored by Dr Umit Kartoglu (WHO, Geneva), Dr Jim Vesper (LearningPlus, USA), David Ulrich (Abbvie, USA) and Alan Kennedy (Team-Up, UK). The route will take us from Athens, though Volos, Larissa, Litochoro to Thessaloniki in 6 days (total of 648 km).

I am attaching an introduction document as well as the application form.

Please note that the course gets filled very quickly.

Here is a short video of reflections by Brian Athuaire(PATH) from the 2016 Greece course:

Looking forward to receiving applications.

Cheers and all the best


The end is nothing, the road is all

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Umit Kartoglu Accepted Answer

Dear All,

Time is running short and seats are being taken. We have a juts a few seats left. If you are interested in joining, please submit your application as early as possible.



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