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  3. Saturday, 06 February 2010
The fifth annual Global Immunization Meeting was held in Geneva from 1 to 3 February, 2010. The presentations were wide ranging and covered a variety of topics, including introduction of new vaccines, immunization financing, health system strengthening, etc. The presentations have been uploaded on the TechNet21 website and can be accessed by selecting the specific title. The file size is indicated in brackets. Day 1: INTRODUCTION: TAKING STOCK 01. Welcome and Objectives of the Meeting: D. Mafubelu, WHO 02. Global Immunization Overview: J.M. Okwo-Bele, WHO (3.7MB) 03. MDG and Health Systems: What's Immunization Got To Do With It?: M. Chopra, UNICEF (2.5MB) 04. GAVI Alliance Update: J. Lob-Levyt, GAVI Alliance (6MB) 05. Polio Eradication "What's Working? What's Not?": 2010-2012 Programme of Work: B. Aylward, Global Polio Initiative, WHO (7.1MB) 06. SAGE Update 2009: D. Salisbury, Chair, SAGE (896KB) SESSION I: PROTECTING MORE PEOPLE IN A CHANGING WORLD 07. Epidemiology of the Unvaccinated: Addressing the Social Determinants of Health and Using this Knowledge To Reach More and To Improve Coverage: K. Rasanathan, Ethics, Equity, Trade & Human Rights, WHO and R. Eggers EPI/WHO (1.8MB) 08. Bangladesh – Raising and Sustaining Routine Immunization Coverage: Abdul Jalil Mondal, Programme Manager EPI/ MOH, Bangladesh (1.3MB) 09. Reaching the Urban Poor: Philippines Using RED Approach: O. Virtusio, City Health Officer, Paranque City, Philippines (18.2MB) 10. Reaching the Urban Poor: Bihar, India Experience MOH, India: MOH, India (6.4MB) 11. Improving Immunization and Newborn Survival at the Aid-Post Level in Papua New Guinea: L. Bisibisera, Burnet Institute, PNG (2.6MB) 12. Malawi – Making use of Community Health Workers (CHWs) to Improve Coverage – Opportunities and Challenges: A. Katsulukuta, EPI Manager/MOH, Malawi (1.9MB) Side Sessions 01.Delivering the Hepatitis B Birth Dose: Implementing the New WHO Recommendation: Steve Wiersma, WHO, (364KB) 02. Study of Factors Influencing New Vaccine Introduction in Lower Middle Income Countries (LMICs): Marty Makinen, WHO (352KB) 03. Developing GAVI's 2011-2015 Strategy: Nina Schwalbe, GAVI (512KB) Day 2: SESSION I (Cont'd): PROTECTING MORE PEOPLE IN A CHANGING WORLD 01. Engaging the Private Sector To Support and Implement National Immunization Programs: D. Mafubelu, WHO & N. Khuri-Bulos, Co-Chair of the Int'l Paediatric Association (3.6MB) 02. Strengthening National Decision Making Processes: Sudan's Experience with Establishing a National Immunization Technical Advisory Group (NITAG) Using EMRO Framework: N. Sadrazodi, EMRO & Amani Abdelmoniem M.Mustafa , EPI/MOH, Sudan (2.7MB) 03. Assessing and Improving Estimates of Immunization Programmatic Target Sizes: C. Danovaro (PAHO) (1.6MB) 04. Measles Global Update: B. Masresha, AFRO/WHO (4.1MB) 05. EMRO's Hepatitis Prevention and Control Goal and Strategy: E. Mohsni, EMRO/WHO (1.5MB) 06. Maternal & Neonatal Tetanus Elimination: D. Chang-Blanc, UNICEF (4.8MB) SESSION II: INTRODUCING NEW VACCINES AND TECHNOLOGIES 07. "What You Think You Know?": Perceptions on New Vaccines - Quiz 08.An Update on New Vaccine Introduction: C. Mantel, EPI/WHO (4.5MB) 09. An Update on Rotavirus Vaccines and the WHO Recommendations: K. Neuzil, PATH (1.3MB) 10. Vaccines and Supply Chains – Keeping Ahead of Evolving Challenges: M. Zaffran, WHO (2.4MB) 11. Immunization and Malaria Collaboration: R. Newman, Director Global Malaria Programme,WHO (1.2MB) 12. What's on the Stands: New Documents, Papers, Publications: J. Bahl, EPI/WHO (5.1MB) Side Sessions 01. Output Indicators for National Immunization Technical Advisory Groups (NITAGS): Philippe Duclos, WHO (500KB) Day 3: SESSION III: INTEGRATING IMMUNIZATION, OTHER LINKED HEALTH INTERVENTIONS AND SURVEILLANCE IN THE HEALTH SYSTEMS CONTEXT 01. Rwanda Pneumococcal Vaccine Introduction and Global Action Plan for Pneumonia (GAPP): MOH, Rwanda (3.5MB) 02. HPV Vaccination in Europe: Experience from National Immunization Programmes: L. Mosina, EURO/WHO (8.4MB) 03. Integrated VPD and EPD (Epidemic Prone Diseases) Surveillance: M. Agocs, WHO (3.3MB) 04. H1N1 Pandemic Update & Vaccination Preparedness/Lessons Learned: S. Briand, WHO (1.1MB) 05. The Progress on Implementation of Influenza A H1N1 Vaccine in China: Xiaofeng Liang, MOH, China (552KB) SESSION IV: IMMUNIZATION IN THE CONTEXT OF GLOBAL INTERDEPENDENCE 06. Restoring Broken Public Trust in Vaccines: H. Larson, Imperial College, London, UK (560KB) 07. Update on Vaccine Supply and Pricing: K. Rosenbom, Supply Division, UNICEF (1.3MB) 08. Financial Sustainability of Immunization Programmes: Panel Discussion - Moderator: R. Levine, Centre for Global Development 09. "Getting More Health for the Money": Establishing a Joint Health Systems Funding Platform between GFATM, GAVI and the World Bank: Moderator: W. Van Lerberghe WHO, Discussants: C.Presern (GAVI), L. Brenzel (World Bank); M. Taylor (GFATM) Side Sessions 01. Developing a Vision of Future Vaccine Cold Chain & Logistics Systems (Vaccine Supply Systems): Michel Zaffran, Project Optimize 02. Implementing the New GAVI Eligibility Policy: Santiago Cornejo, GAVI, 1.3MB 03. Global Action Plan for Pneumonia Prevention & Control (GAPP): Next Steps with Putting the Plan into Action: T. Cherian, WHO (1.9MB) 04. The Sabin Vaccine Institute's Sustainable Immunization Financing ProgrammeReport: M. McQuestion, Sabin Vaccine Institute

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