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  3. Wednesday, 22 December 2010
Written by Padmini Menon, TechNet21; James Cheyne, consultant; John Lloyd, PATH; and Ashley Kartchner, AVASA For almost two decades, TechNet21 has provided a bridge for people working in logistics and immunization services to network, share information, and discuss issues with immunization cold chain policymakers. Positive dialogue, global participation, and the timely dissemination of reliable, scientific information has been the mainstay of the website and forum. In keeping with a tradition of providing neutral space for sharing ideas and information among a wide variety of experts all over the world, Technical Network for Logistics in Health (TechNet) is pleased to launch the next generation of its website. Located at the same web address (, TechNet21 is now easier to use with simplified navigation, a new look, and much more new content to help users find the information they need. The redesign has allowed the site to add more areas for users to share their thoughts and discuss what is needed to improve logistics and immunization systems and technologies. In addition to familiar features like the expert database and job announcements, users will find new features including: * A photo gallery. * A software depot. * An experts’ blog area. * A document library * The ability to subscribe to a forum category or topic. * An improved events calendar. * Enhanced job and request for proposal listings. * A professional networking area. Although the website provides additional features and improved functionality, its core purpose remains unchanged. The ideas behind TechNet were formed in the late 1980s when Mogens Munck, a United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) technical officer in New Delhi, asked for a way for “field” people to send their ideas and suggestions to Copenhagen, Geneva, and New York where many of the immunization cold chain policymakers were developing new technologies, management systems, and training materials. At a subsequent meeting in Cyprus, the TechNet was created with the World Health Organization as the secretariat. Initially, the forum consisted of annual—and later biannual—meetings where proceedings were captured and reports disseminated to all TechNet members. The forum soon became the hub for immunization news, views, and discussions. As immunization activity widened, the Safe Injection Global Network was born to address some of the issues formerly addressed by TechNet. In 1999, The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization was formed as a broad coalition of stakeholders, including the World Health Organization and UNICEF, to strengthen immunization services and introduce new and under-used vaccines. During the same year, participants in TechNet’s annual forum identified management and implementation of known technologies as the goal of global health services over the next ten years. In 2001, TechNet changed its name to the Technical Network for Strengthening of Immunization Services for the 21st century (TechNet21) and broadened its scope from technologies to management of the operations of immunization services. One year later, TechNet21 launched its first website. The website and its listserv soon became an informal and accessible space for sharing ideas and information across continents. The listserv has now evolved into an active online forum linked to a broader website that provides a library of resources and information relating to immunization support, logistics, and supply chain. While TechNet21 still convenes biannual meetings, the website plays a real-time role in facilitating the exchange of information and ideas. Over the next month we encourage you to browse the new site and make use of its rich tools and resources. We invite you to comment on or post a question relating to the new website by clicking the “reply” button on this page. You will have to log in or register; the process is very simple. Return to the Optimize newsletter.
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Nice link. Great to have the two Optimize led products - the Newsletter and the website talking to each other. Congratulations!
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