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  3. Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Dear colleagues, 

 Immunization Academy would like to share some exciting news with the TechNet community. 

As of July 2019, all 94 video lessons are available in French. With the complete catalogue of free video lessons now available in French, Swahili, and English, we hope that Immunization Academy will be accessible to an even broader audience.  

As you may know, Immunization Academy launched in summer of 2017 to provide short, how-to video lessons for immunization professionals on topics such as cold chain, data monitoring, vaccine delivery, and more. We now have 33,000 learners in 195 countries. 

Use Immunization Academy to: 

  • Refresh your skills in your moment of need - Immunization Academy is free and accessible on any device 
  • Download videos to watch offline  - You can learn and share knowledge with others without using cellular data or WiFi 
  • Improve the performance of team members - Provide on-the-job training through quick, targeted video lessons 
  • Learn a new skill - Create an account to save your favorite videos and build video playlists 

We are currently working on adding new video topics and features that will make the learning experience even better for users around the globe. In the meantime, please share any suggestions you have directly with
Alice Bumgarner 
Director, Immunization Academy 

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