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  1. Alain Blaise Tatsinkou
  2. Immunization information systems & coverage monitoring
  3. Saturday, 10 August 2019


We are pleased to announce that the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) has just launched its Scholar programme with an inaugural course in Spanish on the topic of electronic immunization registries (EIR).

If you would be interested in taking this course in English or in French, please complete this form to express your interest.

Upon registering your interest, the link to download the publication “Electronic Immunization Registry: Practical Considerations for Planning, Development, Implementation and Evaluation, 2018” will be displayed on your screen.

If you are a Spanish speaker or work with Spanish speakers, you will find the full course announcement via this link.

Please share this call for expressions of interest with your trusted colleagues and networks.

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Dear Holla,

Thank you for your interest for the announcement, please do share it, that is highly appreciated.

In fact, the course is an opportunity to strengthen countries’ capacities by supporting the development of context-specific (at national or subnational) action planning to develop, implement, and improve EIR. New countries and those that are already using EIR are encouraged to join. For now, the course will be launched in Spanish. I am sure this is an opportunity for health professionals in India to all together deepen their thoughts, insights and tailored strategies on how to improve the use od EIR for better immunization’s outcomes.

Please, find here is a link to the EIR guide

Best regards.


Narayana Holla Accepted Answer

Dear Alain

I wish to share the follwing as India by virtue of mere poulation and with >46% partially immunized or unimmunized children of the world has great opportunity to improve but the approach needs to be explored.

“Evolution is a natural process”. India could also reach the moon and the mars. But paradoxically, inspite of so much advancement in our country, adoption of electronic media for registration of all pregnancies and vaccination data is very minimal – as per ITSU dashboard indicators, as per MCTS portal, April 2017 to March 18 National Full Immunization Coverage (FIC) was only 8.3% and that of Karnataka was 0.04% - very hard to believe. Now India is operating “RCH portal” but the apprehension remains forever as the indigenous causes for poor utilization by the grass-root level workers needs to be genuinely explored and studied by learning by doing and working together approach for optimal utilization to achieve the goals and objectives – which will not happen on its own. 

Hope India will really explore the reasons for inadequate utilization of MCTS and RCH portal, will clearly define to whom it is intneded and who has to act.

With best wishes

Holla n KVG Team



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