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  1. Narayana Holla
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  3. Sunday, 02 June 2019
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Dear viewers

Greetings from KVG team to the esteemed viewers of techNet community. 01 June was a great day for the KVG team as we realized almost 2 years old dream.

In public health, proactive approach, perseverance, social services do have its impact at least in the long term. Since 13 June 2017 whenever I visited a Medical College, with the help of authorized faculties visited the Mantoux testing centers and jointly observed lot of aberrations from the standard guidelines.  Joint observation helped a great in instantaneous corrections as it does not require a feedback and no service provider consciously repeats / continues grievous programmatic errors. We feel blessed and honored as we are asked by the government of Karnataka to conduct a small scale CME on TST as a pilot workshop for way forward.

We wish to share the high lights of the CME with the esteemed viewers for further needful.

With warm regards

Holla n Team

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