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  3. Sunday, 19 February 2012
I agree with Mansoor, on many occasions vaccination alone cannot protect children well. Using India's experiences, improving water sanitation and its key messages in polio eradication, we all should use the opportunity of new vaccine introduction to communicate with the community about all preventive measures, e.g. safe drinking water, environmental sanitation, breastfeeding and hand washing. One in every 250 people are busy for polio eradication in the world, involving them as multi-purpose health workers will be very important for success. As in the case of Afghanistan, about 50,000 health workers' force is visiting house to house at least four time a year. Focusing on one topic and message during every round will mobilize the community. Afghanistan EPI partners are working on a communication strategy for polio eradication and I as member of the EPI task force will pursue all the above. In regards to a communication strategy, we have to adapt global messages in a way that people get the message clearly, i.e. "Breast is Best" is true and a very good message. In a conservative society, we will have to extend the message a bit. For example "Breast is Best" for child feeding, child protection, etc.

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