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  1. Oz Mansoor
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  3. Wednesday, 24 April 2013
Seeking new ideas, inventions, and innovators. The goal is to establish a “marketplace of ideas” around technology and options to provide remote communities with power and connectivity for their health needs. The specific objectives include: 1. Explore the range of options with capacity in different contexts 2. Reach consensus on which ideas, approaches and innovations have the greatest potential for nation-wide implementation 3. Agree on the next steps needed for each of those identified By the end of the forum, we hope to have collectively identified a range of solutions to explore a process of technology adoption and adaptation that achieve efficient and effective outcomes for different country contexts. To do so, we expect to cover the following: • Technical strategic support to countries looking to invest in sustainable energy technologies that alleviate energy poverty and enable connectivity for health needs • Theft prevention of PV panels through community ownership and other methods • Community development through setting up micro-businesses to provide energy • Role of connectivity

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