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  3. Sunday, 09 June 2019

Dear viewers 

we feel proud to share the following.

Though the decision making is with the professionals, many skilled procedures like parenteral administration of medicines through ID / SC / IM / IV, insertion of nasogastric tube, IV canula proper use of AMBU (artificial manual breathing unit) bags with or without oxygen for resuscitating asphyxiated newborn, preparing slides, proper staining and reading slides under microscope to look for Malaria parasites, mycobacteria etc. are with the nursing staff / lab technicians. Hence, adequate training, retraining, periodic supportive supervision on a regular basis, supporting peer education for rapid expansion & sustenance of capacity building certainly strengthens implementation of national health programmes.

Legacy from the polio eradication programme, president success stories are very much useful in timely elimination of Tuberculosis.

Coming to the point: As shared on 01st June, proper administration of tuberculin as per the “Rights” in all thematic areas by the staff nurses / lab technicians [TST testers] decides the outcome of the test: induration or no induration which influences the decision of treating doctor and the fate of the patients who adore doctor’s decision; the foundation of programme success.

On observing and sharing innumerable lapses in administering TST in the last two years, author was asked to conduct a CME to the “TST testers” of medical colleges of Dakshina Kannada district which was held on 01 June and to share the experiences as feedback in the State Task Force (STF) meeting held on 07 June for way forward. We wish to share the feedback presented on 7th June with the viewers of techNet-21.

Way forward: The ZTF chair / STF chair / JD and DD tuberculosis of Karnataka state on the spot expressed that one day training has to be conducted for the “TST testers” of all Medical Colleges in batches of 18-21 at the Demosite established in KVG Medical College, functioning since April 2016. We trained 144 Staff Nurses of Mobile Medical Units (MMU’s) of 27 districts of Karnataka in Extended Immunogram between 11-03-2017 & 10-06-2017. Management of KVG Medical College gracefully provided free accommodation to the participants. We are now ready to train the TST “Testers” of all Medical Colleges of Karnataka.

Acknowledgement: India is committed, Karnataka is more committed. KVG team is heartily indebted to the ZTF / STF chairs, JD / DD-TB Karnataka, WHO consultants, all the RNTCP nodal officers of all the Medical Colleges of Karnataka & DTO Dakshina Kannada.

Attached is the feedback presented in the STF meeting at Bangalore on 7th June 2019.

with best wishes

Holla n Team



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