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  3. Friday, 14 February 2014
Dear TechNet members, This week, TechNet launches its first moderated discussion. The topic for debate over the following month is the ‘Data for Management’ priority working group of GAVI’s immunization supply chain strategy. Please do share your valuable thoughts and experiences with us on this interesting topic. (Want to learn more about moderated discussions, or interested in organizing your own?) Background In December 2012, the GAVI Board recognized the need for the Alliance to strengthen its coordination and support for immunization supply chain performance at global and country levels. To this end, the Alliance assembled a taskforce to develop an immunization supply chain strategy. After investigating key challenges along the immunization supply chain, the taskforce created four priority working groups for the strategy development process: 1. People and Practices 2. Data for Management 3. Cold Chain Strengthening and 4. System Optimization Each working group is composed of members of the GAVI Secretariat, UNICEF, WHO, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. This moderated discussion will focus on the second part of GAVI’s immunization supply chain strategy—Data for Management. The working group developing this part of the strategy would like your input on how the GAVI Alliance can enable the use of data for management along the immunization supply chain to improve the availability and viability of vaccines at the point of delivery. The goal is to reach a wide range of immunization partners, in particular civil society organizations, country programmes (specifically logisticians and EPI managers), and research institutes. For the next month, we will be sharing working documents and outputs of this process via this discussion, as well as asking you to engage in a multi-part consultation. The panel The discussion will be facilitated by the following panel of experts: • Dr Osman Mansoor, New Vaccines Senior Health Specialist, UNICEF • Gemma Orta Martinez, , Executive Officer, Supply Division, UNICEF • Joseph Mabirizi , Monitoring & Evaluation, Supply Division, UNICEF • Jan Grevendonk, Technical Officer, Expanded Programme on Immunization, World Health Organization • Anna Rapp, Associate Program Officer, Vaccine Delivery and Integrated Delivery, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation • David Sarley, Senior Program Officer, Vaccine Delivery and Integrated Delivery, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation • Joanie Robertson, Senior Manager, Vaccine Supply Chain, GAVI Alliance Schedule Each week, the discussion will focus on a particular topic. Week 1 Supply chain performance: • What data matters in improving supply chain performance at global, national, district and facility levels? • How should immunization supply chain performance be measured? • What are the priority issues for the Alliance in establishing best practices around culture and use of data for decision-making within immunization supply chains? Week 2 Mechanisms for impact: • How can the Alliance enable GAVI-eligible countries and global actors to be better consumers and users of data in decision-making along the supply chain? • What are priority issues for the Alliance in aligning incentives for information system use in country? • What is the nature of the marketplace for information systems for immunization supply chains? • What sort of guidance would be helpful in identifying information systems and innovative practices in data for management? Weeks 3 & 4 Data for Management strategy document feedback: Thoughts on overall direction of the data for management priority working group’s draft strategy document. • Does the strategy capture the needs of the spectrum of stakeholders and is the strategy aligned with the larger ecosystem of work around data for management?
Oz Mansoor Accepted Answer
What is data for management? There are many 'ideas' in the D4M conceit. Perhaps the most important is that data is used. The challenges is how, an the strategy needs to develop strategies, tactics, activities and explorations to define and help countries to develop data systems that can help health workers deliver effective vaccines safely. This is where we really want to get the thoughts of those working in developing country supply chains to provide your ideas and suggestions. Or feel free to write to me directly. ---- Dr Osman David Mansoor |MA, MSc, MBBChir, MNZCPHM |Sr. Health Specialist (New Vaccines) |United Nations Children's Fund | |E: [email protected]
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