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  1. Dhrupthob Sonam
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  3. Friday, 07 June 2019

What are the vaccines that could be given to children who have missed their immunization as scheduled? Some children come at 1 year, 2 years and even at 3 years of age without receiving any vaccine or only a few of them. I would like to know what vaccines could be given at various ages for children who have missed required injections of vaccines.

Dr. Dhrupthob sonam

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Shivani gupta Accepted Answer

Catch up vaccination schedule under Universal immunisation program in India recommends maximum age limit for beginning a schedule for BCG, Pentavalent, PCV*, Rota virus* as 12 months with subsequent doses with minimum gap as prescribed.

Catch up vaccination with MR and DPT can be done till 5 years and 7 years respectively. So,a child at 11 months completely unimmunized till date is eligible for BCG, Penta 1, IPV 1, OPV1, MR1, PCV1*, Rota 1*, JE1*.

A child completely unimmunised till after 12 months would be eligible for starting the schedule with  MR 1, DPT1, OPV1, JE 1*.

*-selected states

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