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  1. Olivier Beauvais
  2. Immunization information systems & coverage monitoring
  3. Monday, 16 November 2015

The fabulous app "Immunization Summary" was updated with 2014 data and in the 6 WHO officials languages. The Immunization Summary is an app for visualizing (tables, graphs, maps) data on policies, activities and impact of national immunization systems.

There's a just discovered bug, which is the country name selection needs the English country name to select the country in the appropriate chosen language!

Ah well... If you do not know the English name of the country sought, just scroll down the list in the chosen language; there the country names appear in the proper language.

When we finalize the JRF 2014 data exercice, sometimes next month, another update will be done on the app.

If you already have the app on your device, redownload it from

the App store:

or Google Play:



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