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  1. Joanie Robertson
  2. Cold chain equipment
  3. Friday, 31 October 2014
Colleagues, I'm cross-posting this IAPHL conversation for TechNet input: If our long term goal is that all countries have high-performing cold chain equipment that meets the needs for current vaccines as well as near-term new introductions, this points to the need for action across several areas. • New equipment is needed to replace aging and broken down equipment. • Innovative technologies such as solar direct-drive refrigerators and 30-day passive coolers can enable expansion of the cold chain into areas where it can help achieve coverage and equity goals. • More reliable and rapid-response maintenance programs are needed, fit for working with the new technologies. • Equipment inventories should be created and actively managed for maintenance monitoring and multi-year equipment planning. • Remote and/or local electronic temperature monitoring should be used to provide a means of monitoring performance and flagging breakdowns. HOW WOULD YOU PRIORITIZE THESE ISSUES IN THE COUNTRIES WHERE YOU WORK? WHAT APPROACHES ARE BEING EMPLOYED TO IMPROVE EQUIPMENT MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS? WHAT IS NEEDED TO ENABLE IMPROVEMENT IN COLD CHAIN STRUCTURES AND MANAGEMENT? Thanks in advance for your insights! Joanie Robertson Gavi Secretariat

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