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  1. Tania Cernuschi
  2. Global initiatives
  3. Friday, 10 May 2019

Hello, please check out recent feedback from the Immunization and vaccines related implementation research advisory committee (IVIR-AC) on the newly-launched WHO Market Information for Access Initiative (MI4A) and methodology:

"The initiative is providing a valuable public good that could shape markets and ultimately save lives if greater transparency and less information asymmetry generally lead to more efficient markets."

View the full IVIR-AC recommendations in the current edition of WHO's Weekly Epidemiological Record:

MI4A provides a unique global perspective on vaccine markets, covering all countries and vaccines with objectives to:

  • Enhance the understanding of global vaccine demand, supply and pricing dynamics and identifying affordability and shortage risks;
  • Convene all relevant global health partners to contribute to the development of policies, strategies, and guidance to address the identified risks;
  • Strengthen national and regional capacity for improved access to vaccines supply.

For more information on MI4A please see:


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