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  1. Maya Rivera
  2. Immunization information systems & coverage monitoring
  3. Tuesday, 04 February 2020

Please join the PATH Introducing Digital Immunization information systems: Exchange and Learning from Vietnam (IDEAL-Vietnam) project for a webinar on scaling-up electronic immunization information systems. The webinar will take place on Thursday, February 27th at 1pm CET.

During the webinar the presenters will discuss lessons learned from Vietnam of a successful scale-up of an electronic immunization registry (EIR) from pilot to nationwide application. Successful scale-up is not an easy feat, and the process of moving from small- to large-scale operations in Vietnam was due in part to from-the-start planning, key partnerships, government commitment, and sustained collaboration.

The webinar will highlight key facilitators and barriers, and focus on important partnerships that catalyzed the success of the scale-up process. Government commitment was quintessential to the accomplishments in Vietnam, therefore it is with great excitement that the presenters for this webinar will be:

- Dr. Huyen Dang, Vietnam National Expanded Program on Immunization (NEPI)

- Dr. Nga Nguyen Tuyet, Vietnam Country Director

- Sang Dao Dinh, Vietnam Project Officer.

The format of the webinar will include an informational presentation, an interview with key NEPI and PATH staff members, and followed by a Q&A session. This webinar will present the findings discussed in the IDEAL-Vietnam project’s lessons learned case study that will also be released in February. You can find regularly updated project documents and information on our homepage (

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Hi everyone! The material of the IDEAL webinar on "Scaling-up a successful project on electronic IIS" is now available: 


If you have any further question related to this topic, please contact and I'll put you in touch with the relevant partners. 

And don't forget to go and visit their web page where more documents will be added in the near future: 

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