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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. Service delivery
  3. Sunday, 22 December 2019

Dear Viewers

Happy Christmas to techNet community. I wish to share the following as a preparedness strategy.

Recently, District TB Officer – Dr Badrudeen MN, in collaboration with state WHO consultant – Dr Shazia Anjum, and all other stakeholders of bordering district of Kerala State conducted a cross border meeting as the disease agent – Mtb knows no border.

For eliminating TB, drastic reduction of population infection [human reservoir] comprising the LTBIs pool has to be achieved and sustained. World has ⅓ of population infected with Mtb ~2 billion. As per WHO; TB control has two areas, 1. BCG vaccination & 2. Early diagnosis and prompt treatment. People who have infection today are the future TB cases, from this reservoir,  5 to 10% develop disease in their life time and an estimated 10% of them die of TB. India had 27% each of global incidence of TB and MDR/RR-TB, contributed 35.48% of TB deaths in 2018.

India is committed to eliminate TB by 2025 by reducing prevalence to ≤65, incidence to ≤44 and TB death to ≤3 per lakh per year with zero catastrophic cost. India also rolled out a plan to screen below 18 year both for TB and Leprosy and to put them on treatment if required.        In this regard, TST helps in screening for which operational knowledge about Tuberculin and its administration is very important. Hence DTO organized this workshop to the testers – the frontline service providers in advance for sensitization. First batch was held on 19th Dec 2019.  

This will be followed by 2nd batch shortly. On 19th test could not be demonstrated as the neighboring pediatric institution had 10TU / 0.1mL reagent.

DTO is funding the 8 Medical Colleges of his district also for organizing similar workshops for eliminating programmatic errors of which 2 have organized.

Acknowledgement: I thank DTO and his team and the participants (>30) of the workshop who profusely thanked for updating their knowledge regarding Mantoux test.

with best wishes

Dr Holla



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