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  1. Tania Cernuschi
  2. Global initiatives
  3. Friday, 17 May 2019

We must do more to make sure everyone has access to essential health services. Investing in #immunization can help strengthen health systems and advance #UHC. #ProtectedTogether #VaccinesWork

I’m sharing the good news from this week’s meeting of the Pan-African Parliamentarians (PAP) and AFRO to advance the dialogue and commitments on the implementation of the African Union AU Declaration on Universal Access to Immunization.

This is (almost to the day) a year after launching the Immunization Business Case for the African Continent at the World Health Assembly (WHA71) by the DG (Dr Tedros) and AFRO RD (Dr Moeti). This is another big milestone as Parliamentarians will have a critical role to play in holding our Member States accountable for immunization outcomes. Getting their commitment is key to implementing the Addis Declaration on Immunization and the broader Immunization Agenda 2030!

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