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  2. Cold chain equipment
  3. Wednesday, 13 March 2019

We are pleased to announce the launch of our Cold Chain Equipment (CCE) area.

Are you:

  • A current or future WHO PQS-prequalified product user who needs information to use or maintain a specific PQS device?
  • A trainer in need of specific documents for training purpose?
  • Looking for specific information to decide which products are more suitable to your needs?

If yes, then the CCE area has everything you need to know. This includes installation and maintenance guides, training resources, brochures, related policy and recommendation documents, videos, photos, as well as product feedback from TechNet members.

In addition, the community can participate to help each other. The CCE area is a crowdsourced space. Any user can share feedback on products (for example provide his/her experience on products (s)he uses, share pictures of the products, etc.), pictures, videos, resources (manuals, training resources, etc.) whether from official sources or self-made. This is a space built by the community for the community.

PQS manufacturers can also manage their product pages and upload new documents to help the community to better understand and use their products.

The CCE area is organised by PQS category and each PQS product has its own product page. This page provides a list of resources, technical details, videos, and user feedback. Browse the categories to find a product or use the internal search engine.

If you have any question or comment, please post a reply below or get in touch with

Moderator Accepted Answer

Do you use any PQS device such as fridges, freezers, vaccine carriers, temperature monitoring devices and/or coolant packs? If yes, don't hesitate to actively use the TechNet Cold Chain Equipment (CCE) area. You can upload documents, videos, or add comments related to any available product and help other users to understand pros and cons and if they are suitable to your environment. 

We also just uploaded a user guide to help you understand better how to use any functionality. Link to the document: 

For any further support, you can also contact the TechNet moderator by using the chat box on the right hand corner of your screen or by using the contact form available here

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  2. Cold chain equipment
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Thanks for posting this information. These are great resources that will help in making decision on specification of CCE and Temperature monitoring devices as well as for training and mentoring purposes. 

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  2. Cold chain equipment
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