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  1. Adebayo Adekola
  2. Supply chain and logistics
  3. Tuesday, 06 August 2019

Dear all,

We are happy to share a new publication called Organizational Design for Public Health Supply Chains. We welcome feedback on the final draft from the community before final publishing and wider dissemination.

You can view the document here:

With increasing focus on coordination, collaboration and capacities within the public health supply chain space at the country level, there is a growing need for innovative and contextualized approaches led by skilled and competent workforce. Countries are taking concrete steps to strengthen ownership and sustainability of their public health supply chain system through financing, system improvements and re-engineering, including having dedicated supply chain/logistics roles and departments established within the ministry, programmes and projects.

In response to country requests, UNICEF, with support from GAVI, has put together a practical guide to support country teams in the organizational design process. This guidance forms part of the country support package. While we do not intend to be prescriptive, this guidance can be contextualized to support decision-making and actions when creating new organizational structures, job descriptions and performance improvement approaches. It also provides templates and tools to support the immunization and health programmes in countries to ensure seamless supply chain operations for last-mile delivery and visibility.


  • Framework for effective organizations from the human capacity lens
  • Country interventions linked to organizational design
  • Assessing programmatic and organizational targets
  • Defining HR requirements
  • Organizational design for supply chains
  • Gender-friendly organizational design
  • Country case studies
  • Developing and maintaining job descriptions
  • Standard Competencies for Immunization – vaccine supplies and logistics
  • HR capacity and performance strengthening
  • Managing performance using coaching and mentoring
  • Sample templates of organograms and job descriptions for supply/logistics systems

You can view the document here:

For more information and enquiries, do contact:

Adebayo Adekola | Email:

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