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  1. Patrick Lydon
  2. Supply chain and logistics
  3. Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Dear TechNet Community,

WHO and UNICEF are pleased to announce the release of a new Joint Statement on Achieving immunization targets with the comprehensive effective vaccine management (EVM) framework.

This statement uncovers the cornerstone to the WHO-UNICEF immunization supply chain strategy to support countries strengthen supply chains by 2020. Supply chains are a fundamental system component to achieve vaccination coverage and equity targets set by the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP). To this end, the statement describes the comprehensive framework for continuous immunization supply chain improvement, optimization and innovation. The 4 step strategy proposed builds on the success of the first phase of the EVM initiative launched in 2010 to help countries evaluate the performance of their immunization supply chains, and benchmark this performance against best-practice standards.

Over the past 6 years, WHO and UNICEF have provided support to conduct EVM assessments in more than 80 countries. These assessments have brought to light important shortcomings in the performance of many countries’ immunization supply chains. Yet, how to help address these has required a complete rethink of how WHO and UNICEF, together with the global immunization community, can more effectively catalyse immunization supply chain improvements in countries.

The new framework expands the scope of WHO and UNICEF joint efforts in countries beyond EVM assessments towards:• Improving countries ability to analyse root causes of supply chain bottlenecks identified in EVM assessments.• Supporting countries develop a vision, strategy, and multi-year roadmap to supply chain improvements and innovation.• Monitoring improvements using data for management and operationalizing national logistics working groups to oversee implementation of game-changing solutions

During 2015, the new framework was tested in several countries like Bangladesh, DR Congo, Haiti, Nepal, and Pakistan. While each country has tailored the framework to its own country context, it has shown results in pushing countries out of their comfort zone, away from “business as usual” and fragmented approaches to supply chain strengthening.

As the comprehensive EVM framework gets implemented in countries, all stakeholders and partners engaged in the immunization supply chain can expect ongoing communication from WHO and UNICEF to share progress and lessons learned on TechNet.

Very best,Patrick

On behalf of the WHO-UNICEF Immunization Supply Chain Hub

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ghulamtaqi Accepted Answer

Dear Patrick,


Hope for the best for the comprehensive improvement plan specially for Pakistan and hope that the experienced team is being working on its implementation followed by the WHO guidelines.




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