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  3. Tuesday, 18 June 2019


Any idea about the next meeting Technet 21 : Dates, country?

Best Regards 


RAMZI OUHICHI Accepted Answer

Thank you for response

We look forward to this important meeting which requires a great effort to prepare it proprely.

I'm available to participate in the preparation of this meeting if needed  . I will do it with great pleasure. 

About Manufacturers' Marketplace  I think that ther participation is important, it allow us to be updated about new technologies and innovations. It's an opportunity to discuss with the manufacturers about some technical aspects.

I propose to focus about learing opportunities: present some e-learning courses, experience of some countries. 

Best wishes for success 


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gisa Accepted Answer

Dear Dan,

It would be great if next TechNet-21 could take place in Brazil. Is there a possibility?

All the best,


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Dan Brigden Accepted Answer

Hi Ramzi, we are still working on a plan for the next TechNet Conference. Unfortunately we do not think it will be possible to have the conference this year, so are tentatively planning to do it in Q2 2020. The location has yet to be finalised but owing to the regional rotation principle of TechNet Conferences it will likely take place in PAHO region.

The exact nature of the conference – size, scope, partnerships, etc. – likewise remains to be finalised. For example, shold we continue to include a Manufacturers' Marketplace or should it be dropped in favour of something else, such as increased country-level representation? Should the focus remain squarely on immunization supply chain and logistics, or should the scope broaden to include other immunization topics and initiatives? Would this dilute or revitalise our conference? What do you and others think?

We will keep eveyone updated on the website and social media in the coming months. All the best, Dan

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