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  1. Gift Macauley Ettentuk
  2. Immunization information systems & coverage monitoring
  3. Friday, 12 July 2019

Nigeria EX-Scholars on the way to creating lasting impact

WHO Scholar program a learning approach to bring sharing new innovations and intervention guideline to improving immunization system all over the globe has been widely received by Nigerians and other scholars in different countries across the globe.

The WHO Scholar Program have deepen our knowledge in immunization system and how to improve in immunizations coverages in our different context and further creating lasting impact. In fact we now thinking differently outside the box towards bringing innovative ideas and strategies that will improve immunization program quality and coverage. This has been possible through having different learning methodology like the open webinars, short videos by experience course contributors from WHO, UNICEF, CDC etc, peer review process, sharing of guidelines by course team, whatsup platform, and other platform created by the Geneva Learning Foundation.

Nigeria Ex-scholars who have completed one or more of the WHO Scholar courses have come together to meet digitally to brainstorm on the way forward towards implementation of the courses they have learn so far. They have decided to take a holistic approach towards Impact accelerators exercise, by this approach they have decided to harmonized all projects from the different courses such as Immunization coverage survey, Data Improvement plan, using Global Routine Immunization strategy practice to improve coverage, and reducing inequity and improving coverage into 4 harmonized documents with actionable recommendation and simplified strategies.

Nigeria Ex-scholars have decided to go beyond learning, acquiring of certificate to creating lasting impact in the world of immunization in her country and globally, that will have significant impact in improving immunization coverage and strengthen Health system. This is an innovation!.

Nigeria Ex-Scholars are leading the way for other countries’ scholars to follow, this is becoming more interesting because of high level of commitment and enthusiasm that have been seen by Nigeria ex-scholars and others towards impact acceleration. We continue to brace up until we make impact.

Bravo to Nigerians Ex-scholars

Charlotte Njua Mbuh Accepted Answer

Congratulations to you Gift for the great job you and your fellow Nigerian scholars are doing. 

Thank you for always being a good pacesetter, we are following closely behind. Best regards!

Nigeria  Team members were activly participating  during scholar course and lead post course implementation of  their  immunization plan at  national  and subnational levels. Much  interested to see  the  steps  taken to reach goals set and acheivement. It would be a good example of how dedicated and persistance on the plan road map  could make reach to targets. Thank you 

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