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  3. Saturday, 10 August 2019

Dear all 

For disseminating and practicing this years theme "Empower Parents, Enable breast feeding", KVG Medical college team observed breast feeding week. 

Beast milk, colostrum in particular is considered as the “First Vaccination” by nature.

Dr Savitha Satyaprasad, Professor & head of the department of pediatric dentistry from KVG Dental College explained the disadvantages of bottle feeding. Dr Bhavya from Obstetrics & Gynecology department, Dr Niveditha from Pediatric department, Dr Holla from PSM department of KVG Medical College blended with nursing students from KVG nursing college delivered the important messages through skit, lecture demonstration, video to the general public – the attendants of mothers who delivered the babies, nursing students, Medical students, nursing staff, local ASHAs & ANMs, AMO of Block Hospital, Block Medical Officer of Sullia. Dr KV Chidananda, Director of KVG Medical College delivered presidential address. The programme started with invocation by Dr Aishwarya, Introduction by Dr Geetha Doppa, MC’d by Dr Krithi Bhat, key note address, selecting & announcing the winners of poster competition by Dr AG Kulakarni – HOD, P&SM, vote of thanks by Dr Shashikala of PSM department.

During the Ante natal checkup, pregnant women visit dedicated vaccination clinic for receiving Td vaccine, either 2 doses with minimum 4 weeks interval or one booster dose as per the situation. This gives an opportunity for the vaccination service delivery staff(s) to personally communicate all key messages which include proper examination of the breast during regular ante natal check up,  consumption of green leafy vegetables, adequate safe drinking water, personal hygiene, proper sanitation, early breast feeding, proper holding of the infant while feeding, exclusive breast feeding, continuation of breast feeding up to two years, newborn vaccination, routine immunization, well baby clinic, family welfare methods – throughout the year.

Wish you happy reading

Holla n Team


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