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  3. Tuesday, 30 January 2001
Post00317 TECHNET SECRETARIAT: WATCH THIS SPACE 30 January 2001 CONTENTS 1. TECHNET AND LOGISTICS: WATCH THIS SPACE! A note to Technet subscribers from Julie Milstien, WHO/ATT, who informs us that John Lloyd's successor at WHO is about to take up the post. Let us all welcome Umit Kartoglu to V&B/ATT when he is in place on 1 March 2001! Julie also thanks those who helped the unit maintain and rebuild its capacity. From: [][/email] Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 07:55:00 +0100 Subject: Watch this Space To: Technet Moderator Allan, Just a note to Technet subscribers - to watch this space - as when Umit Kartoglu joins us to handle logistics (in John Lloyd's old position) we will be much stronger in this area. Umit's first priority will be to organize with Yvan Hutin the Technet-SIGN meeting for September, with the new directions of Technet. I also wanted to thank all our friends and resources out there for their patience and assistance while we were building back up our capacity in this area. I particularly want to thank John Lloyd for continuing to help us while moving on into new directions, the whole staff at PATH, but especially Debbie Kristenson, Mary Catlin, Carib Nelson, and of course Michael Free for their continuing support, Gordon Larsen, who has kept things going here and been outstandingly productive, Jens Pake, who stepped into a void and has done some important and creative work for us, and Hans Everts, who has continued to keep things going on the EPI side. We welcome Umit to his new post 1 March. Watch this space - you ain't seen nothing yet! Julie Dr Julie Milstien Coordinator, Access to Technologies Department of Vaccines and Biologicals World Health Organization 20 Ave Appia Room M231 1211 Geneva 27 Switzerland tel 41 22 791 3564 fax 41 22 791 4384 email [][/email] ____________________________________*______________________________________

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