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  3. Sunday, 17 November 2002
POST 00520E : TECHNET21 WEBSITE 17 November 2002 _____________________________________________________________ Technet Secretariat is very pleased to announce the launching of its own Website. It was developed with the clear intention of keeping it simple. It is a rather light site and it is hoped that it will eventually contain most up-to-date information related to immunization services. It is evolutive, there is much room left for improvements and we count on all members to comment, make suggestions and contribute to its content. We also tried to give it a specific design clearly highlighting Technet21 as an independant entity. Here are the main features : 1. Home page : A limited number of features can be found on the home page. On the opening page, link buttons to sub-pages are on the left side, while on the right side, two pictures redirect to two different photo contests in sub pages, by clicking on these pictures. Below the opening screen, you will find on the left side of the screen instructions to join the present English-language Technet21 Forum. The form on the right side of the screen is only an announcement and forums in French and Spanish are not yet operational. Further below is a section to provide feedback on performance (good or bad) of equipment used in the field. The form on the right is directed to Secretariat where your comments will be analyzed and action taken if needed. If you use Netscape as a browser, please attach a picture if you report on a problem that can be vizualized. Otherwise with Explorer, you will receive a reply/aknowledgement asking you for pictures if you have any. Finally the last section of the home page is for the development of a database of experts at Technet Secretariat. Clicking on the lower blue line "Experts Database Questionnaire" will open the questionnaire to be filled by anyone who wishes to be included in this database. Do not forget to attach your curriculum vitae to the message if you are using Netscape. Otherwise, you will also receive a reply requesting you to send it. The sub-pages are the following as on the opening page buttons : Join Technet21 Technet21 Functions Working Groups Archives Reference documents Links News At the bottom of each sub-page, buttons enable you to go to any other page. 2. "Join Technet21" : A repeated invitation to join the forum. 3. "Technet21 Functions" : Briefly explains how Technet came into existence, the three major Technet21 functions and the four working modalities. 4. "Working Groups" : This is under construction as these working groups are planned by Secretariat but not yet fully operational. For the moment, one is operational and details can be found on a sub-page. 5. "Archives" : This button leads directly into Technet21 archives on Listserv at ulaval (Laval University). 6. "Reference Documents" : This sub-page contains direct links to a list of current major reference documents in the field of immunization and vaccination published by various organizations. This list is not exhaustive. For the moment, only documents of WHO and UNICEF are listed. However, Technet Secretariat invites all organizations to submit their own documents for listing. Only electronically-accessible documents will be included though and each must be submitted with the precise URL. New sub-pages will be developed as we receive documents lists 7. "Links" : This sub-page contains a list of links to websites often visited in our field. Again this list is not exhaustive. For the moment, it contains only some links of WHO, GAVI and UNICEF sites. We again welcome all organizations to inform us of their desire to see their organization's website included in these links. 8. "News" : This still empty sub-page is for publishing news. We decided against "Past News" just to fill the space. We intend to publish here different types of news and announcements for a limited period of time on different sub-pages.. So these pages shall change regularly. From now on, we plan to publish job announcements, workshops, training courses and upcoming meetings. Finally we wish to publish also important news from individual members or organizations, like promotions to new positions, professional moves, but not news of private character with the sad exception of obituaries. Finally there are the Photo contests sub-pages accessed by clicking on the small photos of the homepage. This page will be renewed each month and will be filled only by members contributions to the contest. The first contest is a "Best Practice" photo that comes with a short explanatory story. The second is a guessing game "Where is this photo taken?", since many if not most members travel quite much. It involves a picture taken somewhere in the world for you to guess where. Pictures submitted should not be too obvious so to keep the challenge. The answer will be published along with a new picture. So we wish to receive your comments and suggestions. We made extensive checks of the many links in the site, but it may still happen that some aren't functional. Thus please report to us any such unfunctional link. We also want to sincerely thank Michel Normandeau, professor of Computer Sciences at CEGEP Ste-Foy College in Québec, who very kindly did most of the technical work in developing this site. The site can thus be accessed at the following URL : Good browsing to everybody, Ümit Kartoglu, Technet Secretariat and Claude Letarte Moderator ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTRIBUTIONS: Contributions to: or use your reply button! The TechNet21 e-Forum welcomes new subscribers who are involved in immunization services. SUBCRIBE: To subscribe, send an e-mail to: Leave the SUBJECT area BLANK, do not type anything. In the body text, just write: Subscribe TECHNET21E Surname Name Do not use any accents in your name and surname. UNSUBSCRIBE: To unsubscribe, send an e-mail to: Leave the SUBJECT area BLANK, do not type anything. In the body text, just write: Unsubscribe TECHNET21E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ARCHIVES Archives of posted messages classified by month starting with 1 January 2000 are accessible to all TechNet21 subscribers at the following site : Archives for postings prior to January 2000 can be found at the following site : Or by request to the Moderator at mailto:[log in to unmask] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Archives for files (documents) are under revision to clean old documents and drafts that are already replaced with new ones, and will be made available soon at a specific site. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The World Health Organization and UNICEF support TechNet21. The TechNet21 e-Forum is a communication/information tool for generation of ideas on how to improve immunization services. It is moderated by Claude Letarte and is hosted in cooperation with the Centre de coopération internationale en santé et développement, Québec, Canada ( -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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