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  3. Thursday, 20 February 2003
POST 00552E : ANNUAL SURVEY NARRATIVE COMMENTS 20 February 2003 ___________________________________________________________________ Here we post all comments and suggestions that members contributed as answers to the 4 open-ended questions of the annual survey believing that it would be of interest to many of you. It is a little long and tedious to read but nevertheless interesting. All these comments, especially suggestions to improve the forum will be taken into account as much as possible. Many of you expressed the wish that more participation in discussions originates from the field. As we commented in a previous posting, this is not under our control even if we have been active in the past year at trying generating such very valuable contributions. Consequently we again extend a special invitation to all colleagues in the field to participate. We will also search actively for information material identified by members on topics to share with the forum or for discussions. In the comments below, all references to places or organizations that could possibly identify participants have been deleted. ___________________________________________________________________ APPENDIX 2 - RECEIVED ANSWERS TO THE OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS (Q20 through Q23) Note: Below given is the complete set of answers to the open-ended questions. Each phrase/paragraph marked by an asterisk (*) belongs to a different respondent. 20. What do you like about the TechNet21 e-Forum, in a short narrative manner? * Provides good information from the field and a good discussion forum. *- More close information regarding the problems in the most disadvantaged countries in public health issues and questions on how to help those countries. - In the other hand, more information regarding on how developing countries solve by themselves their own problems in immunization and public health in order to find out possibilities of collaboration. * It is a useful and practical forum where experienced people share their experiences. This helps others by preventing the "re-invention of the wheel" and giving clues about pitfalls and advantages about new technology. * keeping updated with my colleagues * topical information, e.g. on cold chain issues * It is a gold mine of information * TechNet 21 has provided me with needed exercises to ensure capacity building for the EPI team where I work. * Getting the views of “…………….…â€

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