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  3. Wednesday, 14 January 2004
POST 00632E : TECHNET ANNUAL SURVEY 14 January 2004 ______________________________________ The deadline for participating in the annual survey is tomorrow. Why wait until the last minute?? Participation isn't quite enough yet so we strongly invite you to participate. It is in everybody's interest. Whether you click on the "Reply" button, the questionnaire is here in the body of the message. Or you click on the link below. The link to the questionnaire is also open on the website homepage In English : In French : THE DEADLINE IS REPORTED UNTIL 31 JANUARY 2004 _________________________________________________ TECHNET21 E FORUM ANNUAL SUBSCRIBER SURVEY 1. In which country are you living/working at present? 2. What is your professional affiliation? UN Agency National Immunization Programme University Donor Agency Industry Others (Please specify) 3. Has it happened that you were deleted from the list without your knowledge? Yes No 4. Has it happened that you stopped receiving posting for reasons unknown to you? Yes No 5. If your answer to question 4. is "Yes", what did you do? Nothing Other ( explain ) 6. How would you rate TechNet postings? Please select your rating from the following list and write it beside each category. "Very useful" "Useful" "Moderately useful" "Slightly useful" or "Not useful at all" In general : Discussions : Technical information : News : Job announcements : 7. In the previous survey, members expressed their preferences for links over attachments. Do you feel that: There are still too many attachments It's fine as it is More attachments wouldn't be a problem 8. Do you think that some attachments are too large in size? Yes No 9. If your answer to question 8. is "Yes", what would be the maximum acceptable size? ______K (Kilobytes) 10. In future postings, what would you prefer to see more of? Discussions Technical information News 11. The previous survey indicated a need for editorial overviews/conclusions on discussions. Which authority should make them? WHO Reactivated Technet Working Groups Ad hoc Technet expert committees The TechNet Assembly The Moderator Other suggestion 12. Have you visited the TechNet21 website previously? Yes No 13. How would you rate the pages/corners of the TechNet21 website? Please select your rating from the following list and write it beside each page. "Very good" "Good" "Fair" "Poor" or "Not good at all" TechNet21 homepage in general : Best practices photo and story contest : Travel quiz photo contest : Product field performance feedback : Experts database : Archives : Documents : Links : News : 14. Overall, how does the last version of the website published in August 2003 compare with earlier versions? Much better Better Same Worse Much worse 15. What aspects of the TechNet21 eForum do you like most ? 16. What aspects of the TechNet21 eForum do you NOT like? 17. How can the Forum be improved? What changes would you like to see made to the forum? 18. Are there any other topics that should be included in the TechNet21 eForum? ______________________________________________________________________________ Visit the TECHNET21 Website at You will find instructions to subscribe, a direct access to archives, links to reference documents and other features. ______________________________________________________________________________ To UNSUBSCRIBE, send a message to : mailto:[log in to unmask] Leave the subject area BLANK In the message body, write unsubscribe TECHNET21E ______________________________________________________________________________ The World Health Organization and UNICEF support TechNet21. The TechNet21 e-Forum is a communication/information tool for generation of ideas on how to improve immunization services. It is moderated by Claude Letarte and is hosted in cooperation with the Centre de coopération internationale en santé et développement, Québec, Canada ( ______________________________________________________________________________

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