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  3. Sunday, 23 May 2004

POST 00677E : PAHO PUBLICATION 23 May 2004

Mylena Pinzon (mailto:p[email protected]) from the Pan American Health
Organization (PAHO) informs us that the book "Vaccines: Preventing Disease
& Protecting Health "has just been published. It is available only in
English for the moment but a Spanish version is expected by the end of
August and a French one later. For more details, see her message here below
and the document attached.

The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Regional Office of the World
Health Organization (WHO) for the Americas, recently published the book
"Vaccines: Preventing Disease & Protecting Health".

This books chapters discuss progress made through vaccines used in most of
the world's immunization programs, describe the status of introduction of
the newest vaccines currently available to immunization programs, review
progress in the development of vaccines against some bacterial and viral
diseases, as well as the quest for vaccines against HIV/AIDS, malaria, and
dengue. A section addresses technological aspects of vaccine development,
such as new concepts, including DNA vaccine technology, and new adjuvants
and delivery systems. Diseases that may be used for bioterrorism, such as
smallpox and anthrax, also are discussed. The roster of authors reads like
a "Who's Who "in public health and in vaccine development and use: Dr.
Anthony Fauci, Dr. Donald Henderson, Peter Hotez, Dr. Ciro de Quadros,
among other important authors.

We are sure that participants of your list will be very interested to find
out about this book.


Mylena .

PAHO Publications Program
Washington DC USA


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