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  3. Sunday, 24 August 2008
POST 01310E: KNOWLEDGE OF OPTIMAL NEEDLE LENGTH FOR INJECTION IMPORTANT 24 AUGUST 2008 ******************************************* Dear Forum, Injection Safety is definitely a Big problem in India. Health workers still administer injections in the gluteal region instead of thigh- as validated from surveys of parents (unpublished data). But considering the new facts of risk of overpenetration in US settings, the training curriculum could incorporate the need to insert needle to 7/8 inch in the thigh and not more in all settings (till local studies are done) as Trainings still need to be done at this stage. The WHO Child Growth standards based on the WHO Multicentre Growth Reference Study (MGRS) shows that breastfed children should grow optimally in all settings. However for malnourished children, there will be less muscle mass and we need studies on optimal needle length for injection (Unless needle free devices development and use catches up for RI in such settings which ma make the injection issues less relevant). Dr RK Sood ([][/email]) Post generated using Mail2Forum (

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