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  3. Thursday, 16 October 2008
POST 01336E: COLLABORATIVE NETWORKS AND THE E-WORKSPACE 16 OCTOBER 2008 ******************************************* During the last few years, a number of collaborative networks has developed at WHO. Although I am a member of some of them, I cannot tell you how many groups in various specialized fields have been started. They share some similarities with TechNet and use Internet for communication with members. TechNet, however, was started long before and is not part of this more recent development. Maybe the TechNet Secretariat can share some information with us about these networks and its relationship with them if any. Those networks are all in-house managed, I believe, with moderators within WHO. This may explain why TechNet, which is supposed to be independent from WHO, appears to have minimal, if any, relation with them. A document was posted on their e-workspace a few months ago that many of you may find interesting. TechNet isn't mentioned in this document but its content is quite relevant to our community. Claude Letarte ([][/email]) ----------- A new document was posted to the library of collaborative network. " Facilitating Online Collaborative Networks in Health: What Have we learned?" A practical guide for managers, facilitators, and users of (online) collaboration tools in the World Health Organization, May 2008, by Lou Compernolle and Sarah Pouezevara The content of this guidebook focuses on collaborative networks that use electronic tools--especially the Internet--as a primary means of communication and interaction, although we recognize that the tools do not make the network--the people do. The lessons learned, examples, background research, and tools provided in this handbook are intended to help in the decision-making process, but the handbook is not a set of “best practicesâ€

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